Consultations in person or by phone appointment.

Meeting with individuals and their treatment providers to define goals and discover the right path towards a healthy, balanced and fully integrated life. Because each person and their family have unique needs discovering what will work best for them is a crucial step in the recovery process.


Comprehensive case and life management services with in person and phone interactions.
The design and management of the continuum of services will support long term recovery by engaging in all phases of the treatment without any gap of service especially during transitions from one level of care to the next.

Management also allows parents and families to return to appropriate roles while their loved one is being cared for and their treatment managed.


In person and phone support coaching services ranging from 1 HOUR per week to 24/7 support.

Individual goal setting, accountability and peer support while working towards higher levels of functioning and full integration into society.

Parent and family coaching gives the whole system support and guidance as the family goes through the process of recovery. Setting appropriate boundaries, limits and consequesnces in a loving and clear way and letting each family member return to their appropriate role in the family.


Since 2005 Daniel Nelms and his team has provided comprehensive case management,
coaching and support for the treatment of addiction and mental health issues.

Focusing on work with the individual, families and parents to provide a comprehensive
continuum of services, supported transitions and full integration into society.

What people say

"Daniel really got our family and what we needed! He helped us figure out treatment for our son and supported us in the process. Every parent needs Daniel on their team when things get hard!"

"He really changed my life, he's someone who really cares and I am so grateful to him for all his support"